Martello Alley

Martello Alley
203 B Wellington St
Kingston ON
K7K 2Y6

David Dossett




What is Martello Alley exactly?

Martello Alley is an art themed historic alley in downtown Kingston. Representing numerous artists, Martello Alley is a gallery where you can find original and printed artwork as well a place to meet the artists and see their work in progress.

Who is Martello Alley?

We are an artist collective with a common interest in bringing great art at a great value to residents and visitors to Kingston in a fun a friendly atmosphere.

Where is Martello Alley?

203 B Wellington Street, just north/east of Princess Street

Why YOU should visit Martello Alley

    Martello Alley is the only one of its kind in Ontario. Recently filmed by the Ontario Tourism Board it will be featured in advertisements in Autumn 2015.
    Everyone working in the Alley is a participating artist. You can meet the artists on site and have a coffee with us while checking out some amazing works of art.
    The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed.
    The alley leads to a beautiful courtyard with charming artistic accents. There is a gallery of original art work at the end of the courtyard that still has the original limestone walls proudly displaying our work.
    Credit accepted.

When can you visit us at Martello Alley

The artists are on site  from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm daily, including Sunday.

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