Sean Cassidy - Certified Financial Planner®, Insurance Advisor - HollisWealth

Sean Cassidy - Certified Financial Planner®, Insurance Advisor - HollisWealth
820 Development Dr.
Kingston ON

Sean Cassidy

613-634-3191 Ext: 4


What does a financial planner do?

A planner's purpose is to evaluate a client's current financial situation, and provide meaningful advice and knowledge for a client to navigate to their chosen financial goals.  Any plan includes the risk of goals not being met, and a good planner identifies the potential problem areas and recommends methods of addressing them.  Some risks such as the loss of income from illness, disability or death are dealt with through recommending insurance products.  Other risks such as outpacing or outliving income and savings require the use of saving strategies and investment products.  A planner will utilize their specialized knowledge of taxation and law, along with other tools their disposal to create substantial gains for clients and their families.

What should you look for in a financial planner?

The planners that are most sought after are those that are known to be professional and caring.  A person who is always improving their industry knowledge, honouring promises and obligations and who communicates in a timely and meaningful manner with others exemplifies professional conduct and is a requirement to holding the CFP® designation.  Genuine discourse and having a comfortable meeting environment are must haves in order for the long-term relationship with a planner to remain strong.

Why should you interview me as your financial planner?

Each client’s concerns and goals are carefully listened to and addressed directly.  Each client experiences absolute respect when they see their needs are a top priority, receiving prompt attention and a consistent communication of results.  Clients witness an ever expanding array of diplomas (and books) decorating the office as new courses and industry designations are always being undertaken.   Because the desire and ability to support financial success are both found within the four walls of my office, it is a space where clients are happy to visit and are happier still when leaving.

You owe it to yourself to get the best counsel you may.  The position as your financial planner is one of trust and ideally a role that survives the majority of your lifetime. 

Find out if I'm the right planner for you.

HollisWealth is a trade name of Investia Financial Services Inc. and Hollis Insurance Inc.  Mutual Fund products provided by HollisWealth are provided through Investia Financial Services Inc. Insurance products provided by HollisWealth are provided through Hollis Insurance Inc. 


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