Message from the Executive                                                                           January 12, 2018. 

We would like to wish our members, past and present, all the best for a prosperous and happy new year. As we move into 2018, many changes will be evident in KAHBA, particularly in the format of the meetings and the way these meetings are facilitated.

The most significant change in KAHBA has been in the meeting format. In keeping with the fundamental premise that we are all in business to make a profit but also that mental health and well-being is important to our members, we have moved away from the more traditional format of business meetings once a month to one that is more recreational and social. Now meetings will take the form of group outings for both current and former members. We hope that events will provide an opportunity to engage in business-oriented conversation as well as to relax and enjoy the wide levels of knowledge and interests shared by KAHBA members. The events will be chosen to support the local Kingston community in as many ways as possible. News regarding upcoming events will be circulated by email, phone, and this web site.

Because we still have a Constitution and Bylaws, we will continue to hold an Annual General Meeting in May so stay tuned for more information in that regard.

January   - February  Winter Event TBA                                         

May                             Annual General Meeting/Elections

June - July                  Summer BBQ, TBA         

December                   Christmas Member Dinner and Auction


This list of meetings, along with the roster of facilitators, will be posted on this web-site in the Event Section.

Recruitment of new members continues to be a focus. We are also working on community partnerships with various agencies and services to promote our organization to existing home and small businesses and young entrepreneurs.

Please consider attending one of our events listed on the home page of the KAHBA's  site. All are welcome.


John Platt, secretary, on behalf of the KAHBA Executive


Rev JAn 2108. DK