Message from the Executive

January 12, 2014

Greetings from the Executive of KAHBA,

We would like to wish our members, past and present, all the best for a prosperous and happy new year. As we move into 2014, many changes will be evident in KAHBA, particularly in the format of the Saturday meetings and the way these meetings are facilitated. 

The significant change in KAHBA has been in the meeting format. In keeping with the fundamental premise that we are all in business to make a profit, we have shaped our meetings for 2014 and onward to focus on the sharing of best business practices that support this objective. Each meeting, therefore, will have a “theme”. Members are requested to bring samples of the way they address the theme and describe the reasons for choosing this solution. If they have a particular person or supporting business that assists them in this area, members are encouraged to bring them to our meeting as a guest to provide first-hand, up-to-date information to all KAHBA members.

So that members and potential members know what to expect over the year, we have created a schedule of themes for the entire year 2015 as follows:

January                        Promotional Material - business cards, flyers, branding                                      

February                      Advertising, online, print, audio/visual, social media, web-sites             

March                          Revitalization ----- preparing for the future  (members)                                      

April                            Networking - personal contacts, business contacts

May                             Annual General Meeting/Elections

June                            Business Plans – breaking even, exit plan, evaluation, legal issues

July                             Social Event

August                        Community Event (2015 --- Princess Street Promenade )

September                  Getting Organised – time management, scheduling, tracking

October                      The Business Office – computers, virus protection, software, legal

November                   Financial Services – banking, book keeping, tax benefits, insurance

December                   Shipping and Receiving Practices – customs, import/export, tariffs


This list of themes, along with the roster of facilitators, will be posted on this web-site.

Our regular monthly breakfast meetings continue to be held at Keith's Deli 645 Gardiners Rd. Across from The Home Depot, a very attractive and suitable setting. Breakfast is ordered individually to allow for more variety in menu choices and typically costs under $10.00 . 

Recruitment of new members continues to be a focus. We are also working on community partnerships with various agencies and services to promote our organization to existing home and small businesses and young entrepreneurs.

Please consider attending our next general meeting on the Second Saturday of each month as listed on the home page of the KAHBA's  site. All are welcome. The program for any given month follows the themes outlined above.


John Platt, secretary, on behalf of the KAHBA Executive


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