Message from the Executive                                                                           July 26,2018. 

After more than 25 years of existence Kingston Area Home Business Association (KAHBA) has decided to end operations.  Membership has dropped off in the last few years for many reasons.  The simple fact is long time members have retired and next the generation of entrepreneurs do not feel the need or want to meet in a physical sense.  They are less likely to exchange business cards and more likely to to interact digitally.  Who knows what the future will bring, perhaps home & small business people will feel the need to get together for face to face interaction, as the founding members of KAHBA did back in 1992. The current executive & many past members feel KAHBA played an important role in their business success and still socialize & refer business.                                 


June - July                  Summer BBQ, TBA         

December                   Christmas Member Dinner and Auction


Rev: July 26,2018.